Global Health Solutions

Our investment mandate is focused on arranging capital funding for health care services technology sector. One of the fastest growing fields for family office and venture capital investors. Basar International Group is seeking A series funding for a virtual global hospital backed by a local professional and global support team. The value investments opportunity has emerged from the globalization of the health care value chain servicing global citizens thru virtual and real time technology. The value perception lies in the adept research and digital trends. The research shows that the global perception that the best medical professionals are in the  western developed countries. The secondary aspect of the investment vehicle is the developing of patterns within human interaction in the newly emerging digital economy. Our opportunity is a specialized global health care in which a local team of administrators collaborate with a team of medical specialist. Creating collective hub of expertise and knowledge. A quest for health care that isn’t limited by geographic, language barriers or technological obsolescence. An idea care for the global citizen seeking specialized health care without informational skill and time gaps. A renewed sense of globally effective health care in a virtual readiness of accuracy in any language with check in desk at local hospitals throughout the globe.

Virutal Digitized Solutions

Using the very best tele-medicine services available, a team of experts communicate with patients and local doctors. To access accurate services, the patient first visits with special service desk at a participating local hospital. The patient’s confidential medical data is securely transferred to the electronic medical record by specialized admin staff. After a thorough review, your doctors admin team matches the patient with a accurate health care professional. The team administrative assistant works with the hospital to schedule an appointment with the precise Local Specialist, who will conduct a routine clinical assessment.

Globalized Team Specialist

The best in their field • Widely published and respected • Affiliated with top medical centers • Highly subspecialized, the personal laptops & smart phones of experts • Local administrative assistants use our data platform to securely transfer and store patient information • Experts communicate with patient & local specialist via video conference • The administrative assistant brings a specialized mobile telemedicine device directly to the patient and takes care of all technical concerns • Our health care platform generates a report of the expert’s findings, with the expert’s signature and photo, which is provided to the patient

What can our medical experts do for patients? • Make an initial diagnosis • Recommend lifesaving treatment • Advise on a life-changing surgery • Suggest care from dietitians, physiotherapists, nutritionists and more • Provide a second opinion Our technology platforms powers our impact consultation process• Today’s tech is not part of the local or expert hospital’s system. It can be downloaded to the team of specialist who•posse unique skills and expertise. To watch how it works contact us and we will send your our NDA and deal sheet access with video: https:

  • Doctors are unable to conduct physical exams and order necessary tests • Patients must report their symptoms accurately and gather information & test results themselves LANGUAGE BARRIERS • Patients are matched with doctors who speak their language, not necessarily the best doctor • If either patient or doctor is not fluent, communication is difficult.