Global Private Sales of Institutional Investment Grade CRE Assets

The Private Sale Advantage for Global Investors

Our private sale approach gives property owners or portfolio managers an opportunity to discretely market their property asset to a small select number of well funded targeted global investors. The off market private sale is the preferred confidential method before property owners begin the disruptive process of bid auction selling. The off market private sales gives our domestic and cross border clients “the priority que” on the best of class global real estate  investment opportunities…

  • Our contrarian private sales and global research platform works to deliver valuable results to global investors in peak real estate cycles, when commercial real asset values are over leveraged from over supply of cheap capital. We utilize software algorithms and quantified research to source a limited number of well funded targeted investors searching for niche investment opportunities.
  • This  private sale model gives our clientele a unique advantage over the bid auction sales approach. The off market process serves our client with unfettered access to confidential negotiations without the competitive herd mentality which can lead some investors to financial exposure and risk.
  • We are global leaders in arranging unsolicited offers for our clientele seeking to purchase off market trophy real estate assets. Most of our long term institutional portfolio managers have a thorough understanding of their properties market value and also have a well planned financial model with an exit strategy. It has been our experience that property owners are fully capable of achieving risk adjusted returns on investment in unsolicited transactions.
  • Basar Group maintain a digitized global platform to avoid the traditional patterns of over leveraged home bias investing when the value creation process has been stagnated by leverage, depressing yields. uncertainty or pricing diversions. Through our global platform we are able to maintain a diversification of underexposed product while utilizing market timing strategies during shifting capital outflows at various stages of the real estate investment cycle.

Basar Group is a private organization thus we do not  publish any aspect of  buyer seller information or any parties involvement in the off market transaction. We operate from strict NDA protocol on the advisory, buy or sell side of the investment trade process. Our global team is focused on eliminating information asymmetries providing each investor with a low cost capital funding and high impact value investment opportunity while increasing the standard of living for global communities. If you are interested in experiencing a private off market acquisition of institutional quality CRE assets that meet your financial model assumptions please call us.

The Huzhou Sheraton Hotel and Spa in Hangzhou China (prior offering)

The Sheraton Huzhou Luxury Resort and Spa is a rare trophy property that has came to the market through a private sale between Basar International Group and the current owners ( The state of the art award winning design is globally recognized as one of the world’s great skyscrapers.