Basar International Group is a Real Estate Investment Advisory and Financial Service Firm. Basar Group investment sales team is global leaders in “Off the Market Private Sales” of the best of class real estate assets and portfolios. We are developing a global data driven online transaction marketplace for both research and private sales. Our focus is on a select clientele of international and domestic investors. Our off market deal flow manages approximately 100 billion US dollars in cross border deal flow annually covering all real estate asset classes.We have a global offices and affiliates in key investment markets such as New York, Washington, London, Dubai, Singapore, Doha, Denver and Philadelphia.

The capital service group is involved in the funding of various projects including debt, equity, shariah compliant, technology based venture capital and joint venture real estate development projects. We offer portfolio managers balance sheet liquidity through offshore unsecure bond funding. Our real estate investment banking team provides human and capital resources to facilitate the commercial real estate industry.Basar Group investment sales team serves in both an advisory and direct investment capacity.


Our investment approach is value creation and contrarian at its core, it defines how we think and how we act as an organization. We have built an organization in which going against the grain is encouraged and we are building an online platform helping accredited global investors delve into discreet global real estate deals and research in a transparent way. In so doing, we constantly challenge conventional investment wisdom to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients by unearthing or creating attractive investment opportunities.

“Our advisory platform is adept at creating value, forecasting real estate cycles, tracking capital flow and timing exit strategies. We do not only look backward for trend but would look for what is around the corner”.

We are value creators by utilizing data base private sales, block chain technology for a seamless funding and using software to identify potential well capitalize investors. By combining insightful research, private investment sales, commercial lending platform and capital market mandates, we provide placement for a variety of real estate investment opportunities. Our purpose is not only serving the real estate platform but serving humanity through sustainable impact investing.


Basar Global Group Advisors stands for uncompromising principles and Integrity. Our tightly integrated value approach , superior service, and confidentiality puts our clients’ best interests forward ensuring each transaction supports their real estate objectives. By utilizing these principles we are able to build enduring, long-lasting, trusting relationships and valuable partnerships. Basar’s global team has been involved in various confidential transaction totaling $3.8 billion with some of worlds most esteem properties. Consulted on transactions in deluxe residences, hotels, office buildings, retail and Industrial properties.From a digitized global platform we are able to provide strategic off market acquisitions, structure financing, offshore funding, adept research, and asset management with a philanthropic nuance. It is our view to see the world as a single economy. We are principled, innovative, flexible, and persistently focused on serving the clientele’s needs .

( *In English the word Basar means “bringer of glad tidings” and it means “insight” in eastern languages)

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