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After a successful first round Basar Group is currently seeking second round funding for $10m for our geospatial investment opportunity. According to Statistics MRC, the Global Geospatial Analytics Market is expected to grow from $38.65 billion in 2017 to reach $174.65 billion by 2027. Geospatial addresses global challenges and is a highly scalable business. Basar Group core mandate is to support high-quality, disruptive businesses with excellent management teams and Veridaas data solutions represents a premier example of those qualities. ”Once the data has been collected VeriDaaS then offers its products to the market in a “data as a service” model or “DaaS” model hence the name VeriDaaS. The DaaS model allows information to be collected once and then sold multiple times. An example of this is the 5G industry where all the large telecom companies (there are 8 interested in access to the same data) intend to roll out their 5G offerings in the same regions and all of them require the same data points to install their transmission towers effectively.

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VeriDaaS is contracting, through an industry partner, to offer this very product. Veridaas has scaled broader coverage for real estate infrastructure research and traffic than more established geospatial competitors . The company can conducts daily car counts in the parking lots of 60 retailers, about twice the coverage of competitors. The scale of its car counts is broad enough to support economic metrics such as a US Retail Traffic Index which measures nationwide retail traffic at over 100,000 parking lots. The firm also offers metrics on mall traffic and has created REIT specific metrics, including coverage of 7 REITs primarily invested in shopping malls. Another geospatial technique is to estimate oil inventories by measuring the shadows of oil tanks. The firm has launched crude oil storage indices to gauge oil supplies. VeriDaaS is an early stage geospatial solutions and mapping company with a focus on using the best technologies available to produce the highest quality elevation and imagery solutions for their large-scale mapping initiative. VeriDaas is an operating technology company with IP that is providing the most accurate ( +/- 1.6 cm) geospatial data available globally through a data as a service platform. The quality, importance, and commercial prospects of this company are attested by the most advanced technology which all the data shows that the company will be dominant global provider of geospatial data in a market that will reach $175 billion dollars by 2027. The quality of technology and strategic partnership alignment with the US top defense contractors attest to exponential returns for savy investors.

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A portion of the funds will be use to complete a data acquisition which will use pulse laser beams (LIDAR = Light Detection and Ranging) to detect and identify geographic and geologic features (rivers, vegetation, buildings, floodplains, roads and road markings, rails, bridges, power transmission lines, etc.). VeriDaas is an operating technology company with IP that is providing the most accurate ( +/- 1.6 cm) geospatial data platform which makes it the technological leader in the space. The quality, importance, and commercial prospects of this company are attested to by their strategic partnership with Harris/L-3 ( 16 Billion Revenue) and Juniper Unmanned. The accompanying table shows the project backlog / pipeline opportunities that Harris Corporation has subcontracted to VeriDaaS including timing, project values, and anticipated margins. The propose use of funds for target data acquisition produce exponential returns to companies book value. The table also lists opportunities from VeriDaaS customer InfoVista (5G infrastructure planning for Verizon, AT&T, et al.) and Techno Imaging LLC (subcontract for image collection and processing for Neon City, Saudi Arabia).If interested in capital investment global investment platform with the world most disruptive companies please contact and we will provide you with investment proposal.It you are a qualified venture capital or family office please contact us at: