Digital Asset Investment Opportunity

Basar Global technology platform is also focused on direct investing and arranging capital funding for block chain and digital asset solutions for our family office and venture capital investors.Our digital asset which is backed by gold increases the effective production and enhances the safety of the global mining community.This value impact vehicle gives our global technology investors a legacy of on going capital gains while stabilizing the diversity of the global investment value chain. Our capital raise for early round funding is $25M US dollars the funds will be used to produce a more effective gold production process and mining ecosystem.


Worldwide, there are 40 million people engaged in Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining (ASGM), compared to the 7 million working in industrial mining.  They labor under the same level of freedom that medieval serfs once experienced in the European feudal system, while using their workforce to barely eke out a living for themselves and their families. The average age of death of 35-40 years of age and the death rate is 90% higher for subsistence (ASGM) miners then industrial miners. Although these miners only produce 20% of the 3,000 tons annually. Since gold has steady demand and relatively easy access to global markets. And such a small portion of the overall gold production should have no effect on the dematerialization of the global currency monopoly. In fact the investment opportunity’s impact on the lives of 40 million miners will be immeasurable. Blockchain technology also facilitates the building of a supply-chain management system to document and ensure the integrity of the extraction source. This will satisfy the financial regulatory restrictions that forbid transactions involving undocumented origins and will consequently increase the value of the gold production. Modern-era capitalism needed credit in order to flourish. The same applies to ASGM today: without access to capital, gold miners cannot invest in mechanization, pay for claims and titles, hire workers, or avoid using harmful chemicals. Unshackling the Gold production by giving access to credit creates an immediate and powerful domino effect for wealth creation, social impact, and environmental preservation. GoldfinX is unique method for transferring wealth to rural communities . The investment model works because the small scale gold producer can get 90% of the quoted international prices,which is a much higher return than other products such as bananas or coffee, where local producer retain 30% of less for market prices. GoldfinX has a unique platform to dematerialized small scale gold production and bringing more small scale producers into the formal global economy.The GiX is the resulting blend between a solid business management and value added results. The value creation process has begun with the company signing agreements with ASGM’s to allocated a percentage of all gold produce to dematerialization process for gold backed digital asset and the results of economic liberiralisation of small producing gold miners globally.

Results-Value-Human- Digital-Capital

The Results of the Value Chain both human and capital which is the key components of Basar Global investment or capital funding principles. We now have a new tool to finance an industry segment rejected by traditional financial institutions. The following illustrates how a “fair trade crypto financing” virtuous circle will work. A crypto coin is issued and sold to the public. The proceeds are then used to prepay the gold production of selected small mining companies or cooperatives to cover their Capex and Opex needs. Once the mines start producing “Cleaner Gold”, they deliver the quantity that has been prepaid as well as a share of future production until the mine life end. Blockchain technology also facilitates the building of a Supply-Chain Management System to document and ensure the integrity of the extraction source. This will satisfy the financial regulatory restrictions.

Should a major catastrophe impede the life cycle of the GiX coins, the GiX coin holder can have the peace of mind, in a case of dissolution, that one would also be the recipient of the value of the gold stored in the vault in the same proportion of their coin ownership in respect to the entire pool of GiX coins.Gold has always been a historical safe haven investment for global investors that increases throughout time. Basar International Group value investment approach which gives access to capital to small Gold miners is not simply charity. It is an extremely good business model that not only rewards the risk taken by equity investors, but also benefits Gold miners while positively impacting rural communities both socially and environmentally. If you meet the investment requirements and is interested in establishing a vehicle for generational wealth through direct investment you contact can us at