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Global Digital Private Transaction Platform

Basar International Group offer investors an opportunity to discreetly acquire an off-market yielding core real estate asset without the bid auction process. Our research has shown that the bid process often leads to declining portfolio valuations and de-leveraging. Through our private sales solution, we have offered some of the worlds best institutional qulaityCRE investment opportunities . Our capital flow research and value creation methods offer a client the potential for sustainable value creation in a cyclical global maretplace. This value creation evolves from a diversification of innovative global based technologies and private commercial real estate investment solutions.

In 2021 the Basar International Group private sales will be syndicating real estate data into a private global digital marketplace, where data is locally sourcedin our smart grid, validated, and secured via blockchain, informational asymmetries, smart contracts, and crypto economics.Basar Globals exploitation of the smart grid promises a range of global solutions for our private clientele.For example, Basar Globals Private Transaction Platform offers global investors solutions such as the establishment of a real-time private market, less transaction cost due to a simplified trading structure and more privacy for users within the smart grid. Besides utilizing the blockchain for realizing a trading infrastructure, more sophisticated and complex applications are being established by adding computational functionality. As a result, a decentralized computing platform is created which is used to offer a variety of solutions within smart grids. For example, control within the smart gridis enforced by variable pricing. Blockchain’s potentials in the smart grids have just begun to be appreciated as noted via the growing“Massive efficiencies are being realized as blockchain is fully implemented in real estate transactions this will give the global invesors partner equilibrium with the home bias partner. By using blockchain in transactions like title and Argus reports, software multiple applications, MLS search, escrow, financing and,due diligence there is an immutable, virtually incorruptible record of every transaction on a secure distributed ledger, which will be very disruptive and transformative to the way things are currently done in global real estate. Portfolio managers are facing rising pressure to gain control of data and be more efficient in budgeting, planning and valuation.

On Basar Global’s private blockchain platform, the first block is known as the Genesis block which is the foundation of the private chain. Every newly created block is then connected with the preceding blocks in the chain; thus, every block is connected eventually to the genesis block. Aside from the information contained in each block, a hash is also present. The hash could be seen as a fingerprint that uniquely identifies each block and its contents. Thus, any change in the block’s content will result in a change in the associated hash. Hashes provide a vital role in the blockchain operation as it acts as a main guarantee for blockchain security.

iThis value creation of the digital off market private sale has resulting in making our blockchain technology a secure private global method for transferring properties, money, and contracts without the need for a third-party intermediary agent like governments or banks. In other words, the data that is contained in the blockchain cannot be changed once recorded. In terms of categorizing, the blockchain is basically a software protocol that cannot operate without the Internet. Blockchain based systems are composed of many pieces such as software applications, a database, and many connected computers known as lodgers. Even though the blockchain could be built via different programming language, Solidity, which is a high-level object-oriented programming language, is the primary programming language for many blockchain developers.

Basar Global points out that blockchain will have a marked impact on the lengthy process surrounding real estate transaction financing and budgeting. Lenders will be able to verify property details by historically cross-referencing its documents, floor plans, environmental reports, repairs, and maintenance records with the property’s digital identity or by blockchain “hash”. Our securtity token model services will have the capability to complete private transaction globally and cross assimilate currency platforms.