Value Impact Fund IV

The Value Impact Fund offers investors strong value creation and is idea product for family office investors seeking risk adjusted returns. The property asset vehicles are multifamily, office and industrial buildings. Our Value Impact Fund strategy is contrarian and is based on the shifting dynamic of capital flow and demographic cycles as core primary markets are suffering pricing diversions and contracting yields. Basar Group actively works to increase value through our extensive hands-on management, market timing and use of inspired design conversion development strategy. We target markets in the northeast corridor New York, Philadelphia and Washington markets with high barriers to entry and offer our clients a unique growth opportunities in a great place to live, work and trade in the emerging data driven commerce. This is a middle market niche strategy targeting health care, education based and data driven 24/7 cities along northeast corridor.

We utilize inspired design with layers of technological amenities to service the emerging high tech culture ecosystem. We correlate state of the art amenities with simplistic sophisticated organic design elements into our mix use residential properties.

Impact Vehicle, Markets, Design. Exit Strategy

Basar Group only invest in markets that maintain high transactional liquidity with limited development opportunity and highly educated population. All of our design elements appeal to the urban work and play lifestyle professional who seeks a tranquil reflective abode with technological advantages,with easy access to the central business districts and e commerce solutions. Our investment vehicles are multifamily, office and logistics assets that are in markets with strong demographic trends and high barriers entry. In addition, we have and will continue to raise only the amount of capital that we can invest prudently and productively. Our office and Industrial strategy is buying office and industrial space with long-term triple net tenants and those assets that have marginal value added investment requirements or lease up risk. We prefer commercial assets that have flexible use zoning to suit are value added position conversion approach. We invest only in markets that are undervalued and have a macro structure dynamics to return greater value to our investors. We only buy assets when they are attractively priced and sell when the business objectives have been achieved and we exit when the assets are fully-priced or overpriced. We have traded over $1.8B that consist of: mixed use urban properties, suburban office; secondary-market CBD office; multifamily urban retail mixed use properties, urban community retail and senior care residences; industrial and research & development properties; multifamily apartments; entitled residential lots, prefab multifamily buildings and townhouses, student housing prefab build outs. We work diligently to earned the trust and confidence of our clients through our unwavering commitment to always act in their best interest and by consistently achieving attractive returns. We are completely transparent and acknowledged for the high quality, timeliness and detail of our investor reporting. But strategy is rather to achieve the highest returns in the shortest possible time period. Our singular goal is to earn high margin, risk-adjusted returns for our clients.