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11 Stores Grocery Portfolio11 Stores Grocery PortfolioBasar Investment services group offers a full array of products and services. We are not the typical real estate transaction company. Our off market NDA/CA agreement is always accompanied with our buyer-side compensation fee. This alternative method gives our global investor access to the best of class real estate product while exposing the sale of the asset to a limited but targeted pre-qualified pool of investors. The off market approach is the preferred confidential method before our global investors begin the disruptive process of bid auction selling.

By maintaining an effective global platform, we are able to confidentially market a broad variety of investment grade real estate assets to a targeted group of global investors. This private sale approach gives our clientele a unique advantage over bid auction approach. The private sale gives our client unfettered access to confidential negotiations without the herd mentality.

On occasions an unsolicited offer is required on our client's behalf to gain fee simple position for the targeted real estate asset. This process generates an advisory fee for our services. The private sale give the seller the ability to market the asset privately without the required mandate and fee. The only mandate is the confidentiality fee agreement paid by buyer which gives the buyer full access to every stage of negotiation, sales contract, due diligence and closing of transaction. Many of the trophy properties have been offered thru off market private sale including The Chrysler building NYC, The Lipstick Building, The Plaza Hotel NYC, The Carlye NYC and The Four Seasons NYC to name a few.

Our clientele include sovereign wealth funds, private equity, real estate investment trust,insurance companies, investment banks, pension funds and developers. We have offices in New York, Philadelphia, London, Munich, Dubai, Doha and Singapore.

The Basar’s targeted approach gives our seller direct access to a desired purchaser that has the earnest interest and the financial capability to close the transaction. While the market bid approach may create an offer, more than often, the bidder spends the remaining process working down the premium that they have offered.

Today many of our savvy private investors are avoiding the on market bid auction approach. For the global investors who are certain concerning the real value of a property have stated that they could not be successful at the real estate gymnastics of the last real estate cycle.

For those that understand the real value of an asset, we offer the Off the Market Buyers Acquisition agreement for an up front retainer fee. Under the (OMBA)agreement we will privately, and softly assert an unsolicited offer for a targeted property, negotiate a sales contract, aid due diligence and develop the close of the transaction.

Our products include the following service agreements:

          HSBC 3HSBC 3
  • Real Estate Agreements
  • Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement
  • Exclusive Agency Agreement
  • Net Listing Agreement
  • Asset Management Agreement
  • Off the Market Private Sale Agreement
  • OMPS/OMBA Agreement
  • Advisory Agreement
  • Tri-Net Leasing Agreement

Often it is our ability to understand each property's noble characteristics and potential which makes the venture a success. Our access to a group of global investors and our ability to deliver technical expertise to transactions are our strengths.

Our most effective products include Basar's Advisory and Investors Service Agreement for Executive Principals. This agreement details our clients property profile and compensation for the confidential performance of procuring an asset, researching the entities history and qualifications, providing accurate financials, aiding in the due diligence and title/escrow process and the closing of the transaction. The Executive Investors can also retain the following services:

  • Advisory and consulting services on a per diem basis.Diplomat Hotel RoomDiplomat Hotel Room
  • Provide property profile and precise executive summary for principals.
  • Travel both domestically and abroad to service investors.
  • Asset survey and analysis.
  • Initiate relationships in both government and private sectors.
  • Provide on-site technical assessment.
  • Aid in obtaining financing and establishing United States credit for foreign companies.

We also offer the service of incorporating holding companies for our foreign and domestic investors. In some cases, mandates are held by our affiliate companies throughout the world.

This transaction structure gives our global investor, a greater confidentiality,access to limited buyer pool which can inflate the value of an asset, the off market process also produces more eligible offers and a greater certainty concerning the opportunity to acquire the property as opposed to "the on market bid process ".
By maintaining a global platform, we are able to confidentially market a broad variety of investment grade real estate assets to targeted group of pre-qualified global investors.