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The Basar’s targeted approach gives our seller direct access to a desired purchaser that has the earnest interest and the financial capability to close the transaction. While the market bid approach may create an offer, more than often, the bidder spends the remaining process working down the premium that they have offered.

Today many of our savvy private investors are avoiding the on market bid auction approach. For the global investors who are certain concerning the real value of a property have stated that they could not be successful at the real estate gymnastics of the last real estate cycle.

For those that understand the real value of an asset, we offer the Off the Market Buyers Acquisition agreement for an up front retainer fee. Under the (OMBA)agreement we will privately, and softly assert an unsolicited offer for a targeted property, negotiate a sales contract, aid due diligence and develop the close of the transaction.

Our products include the following service agreements:

          HSBC 3HSBC 3
  • Real Estate Agreements
  • Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement
  • Exclusive Agency Agreement
  • Net Listing Agreement
  • Asset Management Agreement
  • Off the Market Private Sale Agreement
  • OMPS/OMBA Agreement
  • Advisory Agreement
  • Tri-Net Leasing Agreement