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Basar International has accumulated a global collection of private 5 star hotel deals

Basar Group has off the market deals on 4 major continents.

Basar International Group is a company the specializes in off the market private sales (OMPS). The Basar Group has taken too market an exclusive group of 5 Star Hotel properties located in the worlds major gateway cities and resorts throughout the world.

Some of the locations include the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, China, Africa and the Middle East. Many the hotels are located in cities that have a high barrier to entry. Some of the locations would definitely be described as trophy properties. The brands include Ritz Carlton, Intercontinental, Regent, Millinenium and many other world reknown hotel properties.

"Often our client will have a strategic interest in purchasing a particular asset that is not on the market. He will offer Basar Group a retainer fee too entertain an off the market private purchase of a particular property. in many cases we will receive a buyers side fee says Bilal Mansoor President of Basar International Group".

We primarly go after deals that will fit our clienteles strategic interest. We maintain a data base of each client's strategic property profile, prior acquisitions and current market/location expansion desire's. As well as wheter our client is interested in development, joint venturing or acquiring an exsiting turnkey hotel asset. Our buyers include wealthy indiviuals, REIT's, hoteliers, opportunity funds, goverment investment authorities, hedge funds pension funds and many other investment vehicles.

To name a few cities New York, Miami Beach, Washington, Las Vegas, Montreal, Bucharest, St.Peterburg, Instanbul, Mexico City and Bejing. For any further assistance please contact Bilal Mansoor 267-258-5220 or Charles Glatter 917-612-722.